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tonho earlyhuman.

Designer & Art Director




who is
tonho earlyhuman?

Antonio Escobar, a Bogota, Colombia native, has cultivated a diverse and dynamic skill set as

an Art Director, Designer, Solo Filmmaker and Social Media Storyteller. He is also

an ardent artist who finds his creative haven in Hollywood, FL.

Boasting a remarkable 12- year career in graphic design, Antonio's expertise extends to over 6 years of dedicated leadership in creative roles as a senior art director. Yet, Antonio is not just a professional; he is a full-time humorist, a devoted advocate of laughter, and a born entertainer.

In Antonio's world, every project and idea becomes a compelling narrative. Regardless of the medium or tools employed, what ultimately counts is the art of storytelling. With his extensive experience as a creative, Antonio is primed to craft the perfect narrative for any campaign.


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