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Año - Uno

I enjoy Illustrating images for the people I love. The combination between 2D and 3D creates a magical environment of imagination and emotions. the text reads "Kids have a place where they can experience amazing things".

the theme of this poster was created for my nephew's first birthday party.

Illustration made in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and 3D characters made in 3D Modo




This was a call to Miami artists to create an artwork representing Miami culture for Miami Institute of Photography. This installation was a mix of illustrative animal icons from Florida's natural habitat and a tangible set, recreating the most popular table game, dominoes. The symbolism of the illustration is that the person sitting in front of the piece is immersed in the experience of what makes Miami a multicultural place. 

Illustration made in Affinity design & Photoshop, Table was made in collaboration with the artist Kelly Jimenez



café la llave.

These illustrations represent the history of two brothers that started with a dream to produce amazing coffee. Their story began in Cuba circa 1967.

In pursuit of a better life, they came to the United States hoping they could continue making coffee and sharing it with the world.

This visual history lives on Cafe La Llave website

Illustrations made in 3D Modo & Photoshop. 

Republica Havas, 2014


cuando baila.
By El Rapha

Proposal Illustration for a single cover on Spotify, Cuando Baila by Artist El Rapha.

The song tells a story of a woman who enchants a man with her captivating dance. The inspiration behind my proposal takes place during the pandemia where the musician plays the latin congas on his balcony across hers from day to night. There is nothing more amusing than to see her dancing as he serenades her with his performance.

Art Direction, illustration made in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Zumba Fitness, 2020

father's day.

A social media post for Zumba that celebrates the role of a supportive father who helps and plays with his children. The dad bod is not built in the gym but instead in daily interactions with one’s family. A physique that isn’t solely based in muscle, but in heart and mind as well.

Art Direction, Illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Zumba Fitness, 2020